Monday, October 18, 2010

Tweet Rant: #menincairostreets

During a twitter discussion today about men on Cairo streets, I went on rambling about my experience in the past 10 years:

I will list coping mechanisms, long term results and shocking discoveries #menincairostreets

Two years into Cairo, on visit to Beirut: bliss was walking with a glass of vodca in evening singing my heart out at top of my lungs

Four years into Cairo: catch myself determined not to be affected by overwhelming resentment: walk to ba22al needs emotional preparation

Six years into Cairo: notice I've eliminated all outings that can be replaced by phone order - so not me

Eight years into Cairo: I jump up when a Lebanese male friend casually puts his hand on my shoulder - shocked at my reaction

10 years in Cairo: realize all this sexual repression affecting my sexual inspiration. Still, I dress same, men get good piece of my mind

My friend Amr Gharbeia replies: Not that I have any moral ground to tell you, but 'well behaved women seldom make history' and posted a link

The link he attached made my day. Seriously.