Monday, October 18, 2010

Tweet Rant: #menincairostreets

During a twitter discussion today about men on Cairo streets, I went on rambling about my experience in the past 10 years:

I will list coping mechanisms, long term results and shocking discoveries #menincairostreets

Two years into Cairo, on visit to Beirut: bliss was walking with a glass of vodca in evening singing my heart out at top of my lungs

Four years into Cairo: catch myself determined not to be affected by overwhelming resentment: walk to ba22al needs emotional preparation

Six years into Cairo: notice I've eliminated all outings that can be replaced by phone order - so not me

Eight years into Cairo: I jump up when a Lebanese male friend casually puts his hand on my shoulder - shocked at my reaction

10 years in Cairo: realize all this sexual repression affecting my sexual inspiration. Still, I dress same, men get good piece of my mind

My friend Amr Gharbeia replies: Not that I have any moral ground to tell you, but 'well behaved women seldom make history' and posted a link

The link he attached made my day. Seriously.

Friday, August 20, 2010

خلص رح اكتب

صرلي زمان بدي اكتب و الدنيا بتاخدني و تجيبني و اول ما يكون في لحظة فاضية, رايقة، بعد سيجارة برجع بقول بدي اكتب و ما بلحق.

تنهال على الافكار و المشاعر و ما عم اقدر اكتب
بحاجة اكتب، هذه الطريقة الوحيدة لترتيب افكاري
بحاجة اكتب عشان احمي حالي

قررت اني رح اكتب اي شي بأي طريقة فصحى لبناني مصري انكليزي مش فارقة اذا ما كتبت و كتبت الآن رح افقع

عم اسأل نفسي اسئلة كنت اسئلها لما كان عمري 13 سنة
ليه ماما تركتنا؟

ليه ابني نديم عنده توحد؟

شو العبرة يعني. مش غضب الموضوع بس ليه

طب انا ليه بعدني هون

قصدي انا بمدينة كبييييييييييرة و مليانة ناس بس حاسة بوحدة كبيرة

طب مش غلط اني حس بالوحدة و ابني عنده توحد؟

اكتر شي خايفة منه بوسط ما انا ممشية الامور

I feel like I'm developing sympathy autism. In my obsession to make sure I can decipher Nadeem, what he wants to protect him from frustration, I feel I'm becoming autistic myself. I feel that beyond this circle I am engulfed within, I am detached from everything else happening around me. It is sweeping - what I must do - what I am doing.